Wild  Growth Hair Oil
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Wild Growth Hair Oil

Its a mixture of essential oils such as rice bran oil, onion oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, peppermint, pumpkin oil responsible for hair growth.
It Restores lost hairline.
Regrows bald spots.
Thickens the hair.
Hair length grows amazingly long.
Anti-itching properties and eradicates dandruffs.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil
BEAUTY AND COSMETICS, Men s Hair Care, Women's Hair Care

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

restoring lost hairline

regrowing bald spots

 relieving itchiness

 thickening the hair

finishing dandruff \

making the hair amazingly long

Pure Rose Water
BEAUTY AND COSMETICS, Men's Skin Care, Men s Hair Care, Women's Skincare, Women's Hair Care

Pure Rose Water

1. Intensively hydrates, revitalizes and deeply moisturizes the skin. Cleanses and tones

2. Anti-aging - prevents and reduces lines and wrinkles

3. Anti-oxidant - strengthens skin cells & regenerates skin tissues.

4. Fairer and brighter skin- continuous use of rose water naturally lightens your skin color

5. Maintains PH balance of skin and controls excess oil

6. Reduces redness of irritated skin, gets rid of acne, dermatitis, eczema and unclog pores

7. Anti-bacterial properties, heals scars, cuts & wounds

8. Gets rid of puffy eyes. Pour a small amount of chilled Rose Water on cotton pads and place in eye area for 2-3 mins.

9. Use as makeup-setting product, face mist/spray and mild makeup remover

10. Hair care - revitalizes hair growth, enhance hair quality, anti - dandruff and natural conditioner

Chebe Hair Butter
BEAUTY AND COSMETICS, Men s Hair Care, Women's Hair Care

Chebe Hair Butter

Shea butter highly moisturizes the hair for growth!

1. Natural Shea butter
2. Jamaican black Castor oil
3. Natural avocado oil
4. Virgin olive oil
Now, these oils have been secretly mixed then whipped to produce Chebe butter.